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Jenha Executive Chair

Jenha Bar Stool - With Back

Jenha Bar Stool - No Back

Inglewood Lounge Chair

Inglewood Diningchair

High Bria Stool

Hairwash Chair

Hairdresser's Stool with Footring

Hairdresser's Stool

Glass top Coffee Table

Foot Rests

Folding Tables on site

Folding Rectangular Table

Folding Circular tables 1200

Folding Budget Table

Foam Cube Stool

Flip Top Folding Table

Examination Couch with Drawers

Examination Couch

Examination Couch

Endeavour Skid Base Chair

Emma Gaming Stool

Eider Table Base

Eider Settee - 3 Seater

Eider Settee - 2 Seater non fluted

Eider Settee - 2 Seater Fluted

Eider Art Table

Drop Side Table

Drop Side TAble

Draughtsman's Stool

Draughtsman's Chair

Double Step stool with Rail

Double Step Stool

Dorado Stool

Dining SuiteB Cordova

Dining Suite Shadzz

Dining Suite K with Alpine Chairs

Dining Suite A Premier

Dining Premier

Desk with Monitor Lectern

Deco Chair

Deca Back Chair

Damon Chair

Customised Table

Cube Stool on Legs

Cube Stool

Corner Desk Adjustable Legs

Cordova Slimline Chair

Cordova Painted Frame

Cordova Four Legs

Cordova Conference with arms

Cordova Conference Seamless

Cordova Chair with Arms

Cordova Standard Fluted Chair

Copenhagen Tube Arms

Copenhagen Lounge on site

Copenhagen Lounge Chair

Copenhagen Deluxe

Convention Mk2 Chair

Convention Mk1 Chair

Computer Tables 900 x900

Community ST Chair

Cologne Mark 2

Cologne Chair

Coffee Table with Magazine Rack

Coffee Table 900 x 600 x500(H)


Club Standard chair with arms

Club Chair with Arms

Club Chair Heavy Duty with Arms

Club Chair without arms

Circular Table 1500 Braced Base

Circular Bar Stool

Circular Bar Leaner on legs

Circular 1500 Table Four Legs

Chunky Bar Leaner

Chrome Legged Dining table

Chair feet

Chair Barrow

Carol's Utility Stool

Cantilever Chair Retro

Cantilever Bar Stool

Cantilever Dining Suite

Cafe Chair

Burgess Skid Base

Bria Gaming Stool

Brass TV Dining/Coffee Table

Boardroom Table

Barbarella Chair

Bar Leaner Circular Pedestal

Bar Counter

Andorra Chair

Alpine Chair Upholstered Full back

Alpine Chair Ply

Alpine Chair Padded Seat Ply Back

Alpine Chair Upholstered Half Back

Alberta Bar Stool

Albert Bar Stool

Adjustable Work Tables

Adjustable Desk and Returns

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Willgraeme Products Ltd are a 100% New Zealand owned company based In  Wanganui.

We manufacture  high quality tubular steel  furniture for the domestic and commercial markets and have been in business for  more than 60 years.

We specialise in chairs , tables, stools, bar leaners,  tables and  desks, settees and tubs, church and chapel pews and benches. All are suited to  the commercial and domestic markets, as well as  to the Health and Medical sector.

Willgraeme Ltd
129 London St, 
PO Box 7016, Wanganui

Phone: (06) 345 7013
Fax: (06) 345 8428